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Lies We Tell Pregnant Women

You're expecting, and boy, is it exciting! Well, until Great Aunt Susie starts talking, joined by the ladies at work, and then there's the internet. How do you know what to believe? Soon you don't know how to tame the swirl of mothering advice in your head. Lies? Truth? Somewhere in the middle? We're here to sort it all out for you.
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Pregnant and Feeling Fat? Tips for Processing Body Image Challenges While Pregnant

By Laura Leavitt

It's hard to let go of society's negative programming.
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Pregnancy Brain

By Laura Leavitt

Feeling scatterbrained is pretty typical during such a big change moment!
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8 Reasons to Love Your Pregnant Body

By Laura Leavitt

This season is worth embracing.
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Gender Reveal Party Ideas

So, you have a little bun in your oven. You've recently found out what you're having, but you have yet
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Top 10 Reasons to Not Find Out Your Baby's Gender

With modern technology most couples can find out their baby's gender long before their baby's arrival.
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Sex During Pregnancy

By Laura Leavitt

Usually, regular sex is still fine during pregnancy!
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Ultrasound Wars - Finding Out the Gender of Your Baby

By Patty Malowney

All couples have different feelings about knowing their baby's gender, sometimes even the people in the couple can't agree. Here are some tips for navigating the Ultrasound War.
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Chinese Gender Chart

By JustMommies staff

Curious about your baby’s gender? According to legend, the Chinese gender calendar was discovered in a tomb hundreds of years ago and is said to be 90 percent accurate. See how accurate it is for you. Just look at your age at conception and the month you conceived. This should tell you what your baby’s
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Girl or Boy: 9 Fun Ways to Predict Your Baby's Gender

By Patty Malowney

Most women are able to find out their baby’s gender during their 20 week ultrasound, but in the meantime
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