Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Colored drinks and snacks

If you want to save the big reveal until the end, serve your guests pink and blue colored drinks and snacks. They won't know for sure whether your thinking pink or blue until the end.

Design a Wives' Tales Chart

Take a photo of yourself and write notes on the photo that say things like, “carrying high”, or “craving sweets” or “baby's heart beat is above 140.” See if your guests can guess what you're having based on your chart.

Ultrasound picture display

Display your ultrasound picture with a handy magnifying glass. See if your guests can tell what gender you are having by your ultrasound picture. Some people are better than this than others, and it can be fun to watch people guess.

Take a vote

Create a ballot box where people can make their vote. Inside the ballot box, include pink ballots and blue ballots that go into a jar. Keep a tally and see how the votes end up.

Frosted cake or cupcakes with pink or blue on the inside

Bake a cake or cupcakes and add pink or blue food coloring to the cake. Frost it with white, yellow, green, or chocolate frosting. When you're ready to reveal your baby's gender, simply cut into the cake.

Colored confetti

You can use confetti to create a gender-themed party feel or you can use it to reveal your baby's gender. Use pink and blue confetti, or if you're ready to reveal blow some single colored blue or pink confetti on your guests.

Pinata time

Design your own pinata or buy one already made. Fill it up with pink or blue candy and goodies for your guests. When you're ready to reveal, let your guests try their luck at breaking the pinata.

Scratch off tickets

Create scratch off tickets using crayons. Design the top portion of the ticket on your computer or draw a design on your ticket. On the bottom of the ticket write “girl” or “boy” with a pink or blue crayon. Then completely cover the writing with a black crayon. When your guests scratch off the black from the ticket it will reveal the word “girl” or “boy” underneath.

Balloon release

A fun idea that is a big hit is a balloon release. Decorate the outside of a large box with question marks or anything that works for your theme. On the inside fill the box with blue or pink balloons. When you're ready to reveal, just open the box!