Girl or Boy: 9 Fun Ways to Predict Your Baby's Gender

How's the morning sickness?

Morning sickness may be a predictor of baby’s gender.  Many women claim that they feel much sicker when they are pregnant with a girl than with a boy.  And, research tends to support this claim as well.  Several studies have found that women who had hyperemesis gravidarum (or extreme morning sickness) were more likely to be pregnant with girls. 

Watermelon or basketball?

What does your belly look like? Does it look more like a watermelon or a basketball? This old wives’ tale has been around for a while. If you look like you’re carrying a watermelon, you are having a girl. If you look like you’re sporting a basketball, you’re having a boy.

How fast is your baby's heart rate?

When your doctor runs the Doppler over your belly, how fast does your baby’s heart beat? They say that babies who have a slower heart rate, under 140 beats per minute, are boys and babies who have a heart rate that is faster than 140 beats per minute are girls.

Are you carrying high or low?

Does you feel your baby kicking your ribs and look like you’re carrying a watermelon? If so, you could be having a girl. But, if you’re carrying your baby lower and feel your baby kicking your bladder, you might be pregnant with a boy – at least this is what the wives’ tales say.

What are you craving mama?

When you get a craving, do you send your honey to the store for chocolate and ice cream or potato chips and tacos? Well, if you are in love with sugary sweets right now, you could have a little girl in your belly. After all, girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. On the other hand, if you’re snacking on salty or spicy foods, you may have a little prince growing inside of you.

Chinese gender chart

The ancient Chinese may be on to something.  According to legend, the Chinese gender chart was found in a tomb hundreds of years ago and is said to be 90 percent accurate.  The chart predicts your baby’s gender based on your age at conception and what month your baby was conceived in

How much have your breasts grown?

Do you feel like your breasts have gotten three times bigger? If your breasts have grown and don’t seem to be your own anymore, you could be having a daughter. If you haven’t noticed a dramatic change, it may mean you’re having a boy.

How are your skin, hair and nails?

Do you feel like you’ve never looked better? Or, has your skin been breaking out and your hair looking dull and lifeless? If you have shiny, healthy, fast growing hair and nails, you could be pregnant with a boy. If you’re glowing and your skin looks great, this could mean you’re having a boy as well. However, if your hair looks dull, and your face looks a teenager’s with break outs galore, you may be pregnant with a girl.

Wedding ring test

The wedding ring test, while not really reliable, is a lot of fun to try when you are pregnant. Here’s how you do it. Tie a wedding ring to a thread. Then, lie down somewhere comfortable and have someone hold the thread over your belly. If the ring swings in a circle, that means you are going to have a girl. If it swings back and forth you are having a boy.