Top 10 Reasons to Not Find Out Your Baby's Gender


Doesn't everyone love suspense? A good surprise? For the mystery and suspense lovers, not finding out means you get to spend an entire nine months anticipating baby's arrival.


Why buy everything twice? Buying neutral clothes for a green-team baby will provide you with plenty of newborn clothes for your next little one – boy or girl.

To drive your or his family crazy

Okay, so this is probably not the biggest reason people choose not to find out their baby's gender, but it is nice to be in control of the “finding out” cards when everyone else wants to know.

To have a more natural pregnancy

For those moms that are interested in doing things naturally, why would you want to spoil nature's surprise?

Because you're a planner

And what better plan than a surprise baby? Planning for a surprise baby is more fun in many ways. You can still buy everything that baby needs without knowing the gender and if you're creative you can come up with fun ways to prepare for your baby's arrival.

You can pick two names

If you plan a surprise baby, you can select not one, but two names for your baby. You can think of your baby as a boy or a girl throughout your pregnancy and really get to enjoy both names until the final selection is made when he or she arrives.

You can buy two take-home outfits

Have you always wanted to shop for little girl outfits? Or maybe you spotted the most adorable little boy outfit. When you don't find out you can purchase cute take-home outfits for either gender.

To be on the exclusive team green

Are you the rebellious, non-conforming type? Then team green might be for you. By not finding out, you get to be on team green, and only a small percent of parents choose to be on this team. Pretty cool.

Guessing games are fun

When you don't find out, everyone can have fun guessing. As you get further along, people can see your belly, whether it looks like a basketball or a watermelon, whether you're carrying low or high, or how you waddle when you walk, and based on their observations or instincts they can take a guess at what you're having. It's kind of fun to let everyone guess.

So you can hear, drum roll please....

“It's a ____” when you deliver. You can spend your entire pregnancy thinking about these words. It's so exciting to hear what your baby's gender is after waiting an entire nine months to meet him or her.