Basil and Oregano Tea to Induce Labor

If you are past your due date, you may have started doing research to find natural ways to induce labor. In your searching, you may have read a little on two herbs, basil and oregano. Some people believe that basil and oregano contain properties that stimulate contractions and bring on labor. Eggplant parmesan, which contains these two herbs, is a popular dish believed to induce labor. You can try the eggplant parmesan or skip the eggplant and the parmesan, and just have the basil and oregano.

Basil and Oregano are emmenagogues

Emmenagogues are herbs that are used to improve the blood flow in the uterus and help with menstruation. Some cultures use basal and oregano tea as an emmenagogue to bring on a late period. Both herbs are considered safe to consume during pregnancy, but may be cause uterine contractions in high doses.

Some midwives and natural health care providers recommend basil and oregano to women who go past their due date. It may not bring on labor, but there are little risks from drinking it, provided you are past your due date and have the green light from your midwife or doctor. It’s really easy to make, but not so easy to get down. In order for it to have an effect, you really need to sip on this throughout the day.

How to make basil and oregano tea

There isn’t a standard recipe for making this tea. You can make it with dried herbs or fresh. Fresh herbs are probably better, but either will work.

To make with dried herbs: Boil hot water and pour over 1 tsp of basil and 1 tsp of oregano. Leave tea to steep for around 5 minutes and drink.

To make with fresh herbs: Fill about 1/4 of a tea cup with fresh basal and oregano. Pour boiling water over herbs and steep for around 5 minutes. Then drink. You can reuse the herbs a few times by refilling your cup with boiling water.