Macaroni & Cheese with A1 Steak Sauce to Induce Labor

We know what you’re thinking. Who would purposely eat macaroni and cheese with A1 sauce? A pregnant woman desperate to get her baby to come out, of course. We know this recipe isn’t the best tasting recipe out there but hey you know what they say “don’t knock it until you tried it”. Right?

We’re not exactly sure why this one works but it might be because the combination of mac n’ cheese and A1 doesn’t sit well on your tummy. This might make your tummy ache and since intestinal cramping can lead to uterine cramping, it might bring on contractions. Or perhaps it is just because your baby thinks it tastes icky and says to himself, “I need to get the heck out of here before my mom tries this again”. Whatever the case, there are moms out there that insist it works.

Here’s how to make it.

Macaroni & Cheese with A1 Sauce Recipe

This is really simple. Just make up a batch of regular store bought macaroni and cheese. Some say it needs to be Kraft but any brand will do. Then add A1. The more you add the better, but just add as much as you can get down. Bon a petit.