6 Maternity Wardrobe Must-Haves

Being pregnant is such an unreal time in life. You're growing a brand-new, teeny person AND you're changing every other minute yourself (plus vomiting - huzzah!). You're certainly going to celebrate pregnancy with new clothes, aren't you? I mean, it's not like you're staying the same size. You WILL need new/different clothes. Or does maternity shopping seem more akin to hauling up to an REI in search of a tent and then forking out an inheritance for a single top just to wear to work? It used to be the clothing industry peddled out large, tarp-like garments for those of us blessed with baby bumps. But, praise be, cute clothes and maternity clothes are not mutually exclusive terms anymore. In fact you can still be downright sexy, if you're feeling up to it, morning sickness and all!

And maternity shopping doesn't have to be bank-breaking. Check out inexpensive stores like Target or TJ Max, and don't forget thrift stores, often a great outlet for all manner of maternity brand name clothing for a pittance of the original price. Also, once your girlfriends or co-workers hear of your impending motherhood, someone (maybe many someones!) will have hand-me-downs on offer. These can be a wealth of wardrobe help and may save you tons of money.

Onward, then, to the necessaries:

1. Yoga pants. I mean, seriously. No woman, let alone a pregnant one, should be without yoga pants. Elastic waistband, flattering-ish cut, neutral tones. Get enough colors (think black, gray, navy), and you can literally LIVE in yoga pants, from work to home and back again!


2. Long tees. You are growing like a frickin' weed, and your regular fare is quickly becoming tight and uncomfortable. So stock up on long or extra-long plain T's in your favorite colors, and then throw in a few bright colors to cheer yourself up on morning sick/extra heavy/this-baby-needs-to-come-out days. You'll thank your former self.

3. Everyday jeans or pants. During pregnancy, think basic. Unless you have endless funds, you don't want to spend thousands on clothes you will wear for less than a year. What is more basic than a great pair of jeans? With a pair of good jeans or pants, you can wear your husband's old football sweatshirts and still feel like a human being.

maternity jeans

4. Leggings. Because, ladies, they forgive a multitude of sins + elastic. Enough said.

5. A Maternity Swimsuit. Hitting the gym for laps may not be on your docket (or maybe never was), but chances are good you'll encounter at least one event involving water in the 9 months + of housing your little bean. And being proactive about finding a decent maternity suit will keep you from scrambling at the last minute.

6. A little black dress. Yep, still valid, that most classic of pieces. Obviously a maternity version of this little number will shift and expand as it needs to where it needs to, but if paired with a cardigan or a different necklace/shoe combo, you've got a handful of variety on the same dime. Genius. Plus, wearing a cute dress when you weigh 50 pounds extra will help you remember you're truly a beautiful mama doing the hardest of work. Who doesn't need that memo?

Pregnancy is an extraordinary time of life, and with just a few dollars and a little ingenuity, you can feel as beautiful as you are while you change and grow and morph along with the beautiful life inside you.