Second Trimester

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Trying to Conceive after Loss

severe Anxiety after a 2nd trimester miscarriage

About 2 months after my 2nd trimester pregnancy loss of twins at 22 weeks June 3 2015, I had terrible bouts of anxiety and panic attacks. I have been to my doctor and they did full panel blood work up and they all came back "normal", but I still felt really tired and out of sorts,low energy, foggy mind, I couldn't eat, I could barely get out of bed most days, I had lost weight, Terrible insomnia,terrible panic attacks and one even landed me in the emergency room:o I thought I was going to die, a...

Pregnancy Questions

Second Trimester Pregnancy Questions

Let's start another list for the second trimester! We're going to collect these and post them (with answers) as a FAQ thread for our board to help out newbies. What questions do you, have you or did you have during the second trimester or about the second trimester of pregnancy?...

Pregnancy Questions

15 weeks, light pink spotting, really scared??

This is my first pregnancy, and I'm 15 weeks along. Last night, I went to the bathroom, and when I wiped, there was a very light pink tinge to the toilet paper. I had brown spotting at 8 weeks, and everything was normal, but pink means active bleeding, right? I hadn't been doing anything strenuous or anything. The only thing I can think of is that I sneezed really hard last night, and it hurt down in my womb for a couple seconds. Another thing is that for a week or so, I've felt like I've been a...

2010 Playroom

Yay for second trimester!

I'm due 7/30, and today starts my second trimester. I must be one of the last if not the last one to start it. Here's to the next 3 months being much easier on all of us! Hopefully, we're mostly past the morning sickness phase, fatigue will be lessening any day now, and those of us who want to will be finding out our babies' genders soon (and some already have)! It will be an exciting next few months. They call it the honeymoon of pregnancy, and I sure hope that's right!...

2011 Playroom

Don't forget to sign up for coupons and mailings.

Now that we are all in our second trimester (Katie and Brittanie, I think you are right? or are you a few days out yet?) Take a moment to sign up for the free mailings. For your first time mommas who might not know, most of the major baby companies will have a mailing list and mail you coupons and samples. if there are more I'm mising let me know and I"ll edit to add them....

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