Go-to Clothing to Transition from Pregnancy to Postpartum With Style

The experience of pregnancy and postpartum involves noticing shifts in one's body that often make it less fun to wear one's old clothes. While many want to hurry into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans, the pressures of raising a newborn mean that it might be better to find clothes that look perfect on a body in transition. Keep these stylish pieces around, knowing that they will look great even if you are experiencing change in your body.

Belted Rompers

Pregnancy romper

Image source: Target.com

When you have a tie-belt on a shorts romper, like this one, you can achieve the look of a super-loose and flowing outfit or a more fitted style just by adjusting the belt. These all-in-one top and shorts combos have gotten trendy, and are popular in the loose relaxed fit that makes them a great summer option. While billed as a maternity piece, changing up the footwear or your cutest hat can help take this romper through various seasons of pregnancy and postpartum. Another plus: a romper doesn't require you to find a top and bottom that match, which can be helpful when sleep-deprived but still wanting to look great.

Swing Dresses

The loose dress with plenty of fabric is a great look for most body types - not intended to pull tight over you body, this dress allows you to look a little dressier than jeans or t-shirts but still feel that familiar comfort. A great feature is the inclusion of stretch spandex, since our changing bodies sometimes mean that the dress will fit in a more snug way over belly or chest, but usually won't stretch out the fabric. These are especially flattering when in a knee-length or maxi-length, covering you up but still giving you that needed air movement for summer.

Off-The-Shoulder Top

pregnancy top

Image source: HM.com

One of the most flattering styles, this off-the-shoulder style top highlights a beautiful feature - a lady's shoulders - while staying loose and light over the rest of the chest and belly. When you want to feel beautiful and show off your sun-kissed skin, this top is great for staying cool and can be worn even if you are transitioning between sizes due to it's abundant ruffles. Ruching on the collar area draws attention and makes for a delicate, sweet design that matches your style while making you look like one pretty mama.

Relaxed Tunics

Nothing pairs so well with a pair of beautiful leggings as a soft, comfy tunic. Tunics come in maternity shape and non, but either will look lovely on your changing body because the natural drape of a longer top tends to be a really flattering shape. This one is made of ultra-soft slub-knit jersey and has the scoop neck for an air of elegance with the bottom hemline that makes it a little more like a shirttail look. When carrying your new baby around, you won't find something to beat the ease and light comfort of this top.

Wide-cut Silk Pants

For a wow factor, the latest in silk pants is this nearly harem style bright look which flatters a lot of figures. Wide legs are comfy but also classy, so pairing these with a similar top or something simple like your favorite black button-down can be a great transition look postpartum. The soft coolness of silk also makes a new mama feel a little luxurious with every swishing step, which is a much needed feeling when you are often on the move.

2-in-1 Skirt and Capri Leggings

If you want the ultimate in comfort with a cute little skirt as a bonus, check out this take on the 2-in-1 capri tights. In flattering colors, this fitted style may not work at every stage of pregnancy and postpartum, but the stretchy fabric will give you time to adjust in shape and may be a perfect option for a few months after the baby is born. The organic cotton is breathable and pretty without being specifically attuned to exercise, so you can use it for a yoga class or just to get outside for a walk with your little one.

No matter which style you choose, these looks will make you feel beautiful and confident even as you move between sizes, especially if you are planning on more pregnancies. It's a good plan to have some elegant and comfortable styles handy for whatever your body does, knowing that some classic looks will be stylish and lovely no matter what size or shape you find yourself in.