Belly Casting

belly cast

Are you looking for a fun way to capture the shape of your pregnant body? While taking photos or videos will do the trick… consider belly casting. It is truly a unique and easy way to commemorate the miracle of life. A 3D belly cast is made from plaster and shows off an expecting mom’s beautiful form. Belly casting can be done in the privacy of your own home, in as little as 30 minutes. Try it out and create a lasting memory of the special nine months you shared with your growing baby!

Time Frame

Most women choose to create a belly cast 3-4 weeks before their due date, but you can also make several casts to capture the miraculous changes in your body throughout your pregnancy. Your significant other may want to participate as well and this is a great bonding opportunity. Remember, a photo will only capture a flat 2-dimensional image, while a belly cast will capture your transformation in the full three dimensions.

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How To Make a Pregnancy Cast

This project should take you about an hour. You can either purchase a pregnancy belly cast kit or make your own. If you choose to do it yourself, here is a list of materials needed:

* Plaster of Paris * Scissors * A bowl of water * Vaseline * A blow dryer

Start by removing your shirt and exposing your belly. Sit in a comfy chair. Do not lay down, because your belly and breasts will flatten out. Tuck a towel in the waist of your pants. Rub Vaseline all around the belly in a thin layer. Cut strips of the plaster about a foot long each. Fill a bowl with water. Take a strip of the plaster and dip into the water for about 15 seconds. Apply smoothly along your belly. Continue to take the wet strips and place them around your belly until a thick enough layer has formed. Smooth the strips with wet hands. Tip: Make thicker layers around the outside of the dome so that it can remain sturdy.

belly cast

After this part is completed, take your blow dryer and dry the cast completely. Test it out by knocking on the cast to see if it’s hard. When it is ready, peel off the skin carefully. Wipe off any excess Vaseline. If you decide to decorate your belly cast, wait a couple of hours to be sure it’s really set.

Belly Cast Decorating

Once you have made your pregnancy belly cast, you can keep it in its original form or jazz it up a bit! Paint it, apply sequins, glitter, beads, tile, or any other decorations you’d like. You can even glaze it and use it as a fruit bowl! Many expecting mothers hang it on the wall in the baby’s nursery. Another fun idea: wait until your little bundle of joy is born and apply paint to your baby’s hands and feet. Then put the prints on the cast. It is truly amazing to see the change in the size of a little hand or foot by comparing them to the cast as they grow. Your imagination has no limit. Enjoy your keepsake!