Summer 4th of July Activities for Kids

With July 4th rounding the corner, many families are getting prepared for BBQ's and fun activities. While the parents cook, the children can have some outdoor fun! Here are a few red, white, and blue summer activities you can do with your kids.

Activity - Straw Painting

Red, white and blue tempra paint
Large construction paper
Paper towels for clean up

Place construction paper on ground outside.
Pour paint into small dishes
Put end of straw into paint, then hold straw over paper and blow paint.
Allow to dry before hanging.

Skills Addressed:
Increased attention and focus to task
Following step by step directions
Making choices
Color recognition and identification
Oral motor skill development
Perceptual motor skill development
Increased art appreciation
Development of positive self esteem through success of completing project.

Activity - Chalk Shadow Drawing

Red, white and blue chalk
Hose connected to water supply
A sunny day
Paper towel towels for clean up

Show child their shadow on the ground on a sunny day
Have child trace outline of your shadow and fill in body spaces
Use sprinkler or hose to wash off sidewalk when finished.

Skills Addressed:
Increased awareness of self and body parts
Recognition and identification of body parts
Receptive and expressive language skill development
Concept of shadow
Improves focus attention to task
Sensory motor skill development
Perceptual Motor skill development
Eye-hand coordination

About the Author:

Debbie Scaccio, Arts & Crafts Specialist at Block Institute in Brooklyn, NY, has some suggestions of fun crafts that special needs children and their families can partake in. Block Institute is a New York educational facility dedicated to serving the needs of children and adults with disabilities.