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10 Rainy Day Activities for Little Ones

Great. Another rainy day. Which can only mean restless, whiny kids and big messes. Or does it?
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9 Ways to Liven up Your Summer

By Laura Leavitt

These summer days and nights don't last, so get back to the simple fun this summer.
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6 Things to Do with Your Kids on a Snowy Day

By Laura Leavitt

Snowy days can make for cabin fever or for great memories!
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Magic Wand - Craft for Kids

By JustMommies staff

To make this easy magic wand you will need: scissors straw ribbon glue glitter cardboard stapler This is a fun and easy craft for your child to do. It's perfect for a Halloween costume or a fairy princess themed party. How to make your magic wand Step 1 Draw a star on a piece of cardboard. Cut out the
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Summer 4th of July Activities for Kids

By Debbie Scaccio

With July 4th rounding the corner, many families are getting prepared for BBQ's and fun activities. While the parents cook, the children can have some outdoor fun! Here are a few red, white, and blue summer activities you can do with your kids. Activity - Straw Painting Materials: Red, white and blue
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Egg Carton Caterpillar

By JustMommies staff

This simple caterpillar craft is crawling with creativity and is sure to bring fun for your toddler or preschooler as they transform a regular egg carton into this fuzzy friend. The mess factor is relatively low, making this craft all the more child-friendly to create. Bonus learning: have your child
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