All About Colors - Teaching Colors to Preschoolers

Teaching your child colors doesn’t have to be boring. Some people teach colors just by pointing to objects and saying what color they are. This is something you can do regularly to help your child understand colors but it is kind of boring. Children love to learn through playing and games so why not making learning colors fun. You may find that when you first introduce colors to your child that she picks one color to describe everything. This is perfectly normal and she will learn the right name for all of the colors soon enough. Be patient, have fun and let your child enjoy learning. To help you with teaching your preschooler colors we have come up with a list of great ideas that anyone can do.

Finger paints

Kids love to paint. You may want to work on just a few colors at a time and let them have fun telling you what colors they used to paint with.


You can have all kinds of fun with playdough. Have your child combine two colors to see what they make.

I Spy

Play “I Spy” around your house and let your child find objects with different colors. Or make your own “I Spy” book. Cut out pictures from magazines or books and glue them on the pages. Then flip through the book and let your child pick out the different colored items.

Ribbon dancing with colored streamers

Purchase some colored streamers from a party store and let your child have fun ribbon dancing with her colored streamer.

Play a color matching game

Make your own colored cards out of construction paper. Place several cards on the floor or table and let them pick the cards with matching colors.

Make your own fishing game

Take construction paper and cut papers into fish shapes. Glue a magnetic strip to each paper fish. Then purchase a wood craft stick and tie a string to it. Attach a magnetic strip to the end of the string. Have your child catch different colored fish.

Play hide and go seek

Cut up construction paper clues (or use different colored toys) and hide them. Ask your child to find all of the clues that are a certain color.

Colors Treasure hunt game

Fill a bucket with sand and hide different colored objects in the sand. Have your child dig through the sand to find the right colored objects.

Coloring pages

Practice colors by simply having your child color in coloring a coloring book. Ask your child what color crayons they are using while they color.