Free Spelling Program

We have created an effective and easy to use spelling program to help your child improve her spelling abilities. This is a self directed program and requires some assistance from you, but most of the work is done by the child independently. We incorporate the use of spelling rules and spelling patterns to help your child learn to be an excellent speller.

Step 1. Start by using your child's writing.

We find that for many children learning to spell through actual writing is much more effective than the traditional word lists and test method used in most classrooms today.

Step 2. Go through your child's writing and circle all his spelling mistakes.

These misspelled words will be used for the spelling exercises to follow.

Step 3. Print out the spelling correction worksheet.

Use the worksheet to help your child correct her spelling. You will need to either tell him how to spell the word correctly or have her look it up in a dictionary. For very poor spellers it will be easiest to write down the correct spelling for them.

Step 4. Use the worksheet as a guide.

Help your child fill in the blanks with the spelling pattern and pronunciation used in his misspelled words. (Examples: Your child spells nation NASHUN. Your spelling pattern would be TION and your pronunciation would be "SHUN". Words using the same spelling pattern would be definition, vacation.) You will want to make sure that he circles the spelling pattern. In the beginning you will need to help her, but eventually she should be able to complete these worksheets unassisted.

Step 5. Print out our spelling rules.

Print out our spelling rules. If there is a spelling rule that applies to your child's misspelled word have her write the rule down on the spot that asks about spelling rules.

Step 6. Creating a spelling notebook.

Print out the sheets for your spelling notebook here. On the top of the spelling notebook pages you will see "spelling pattern" and "pronunciation". In the spelling pattern spot have your child write down the spelling pattern from the spelling correction worksheet. On the pronunciation spot have him write down how to pronounce that pattern. (Example: spelling pattern - tion, pronunciation - shun)

Step 7. Have your child keep the spelling notebook sheets in a binder.

She will keep the sheets from previous days works and add to them as new words are found with the same spelling pattern. He will create new spelling notebook sheets for each new pattern. You will want to keep the pages alphabetized for easier organization. This serves two purposes - one, helping your child learn the different spelling patterns and two, it provides a quick resource for her to look up her problem spelling words.

Supplemental Spelling activities

Spelling Bee checkup - This will help reinforce what your child is learning. Have your child take his misspelled words (spelled correctly) and write them on small sheets of paper to put in a spelling bee box. Use any cardboard box or container. Then at the end of the week, or daily if preferred, pull slips from the spelling bee box to quiz them on spelling. If you have more than one child you can have them all share the box and have a spelling bee that way. This works excellent for classroom activities as well.