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9 Children's Books with Strong Female Characters, For Your Future Feminist

By Audrey Morris

Books to encourage your daughter's inner feminist.
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How to Teach Your Kid to Tie Their Shoes

Your child will feel accomplished and proud when they can quickly and easily tie their shoes.
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How to Start Homeschooling: Tips and Resources to Help You Begin

Perhaps your child hasn't started school yet, but you can tell they value being taught one-on-one; another option is that your child has found the public school system frustrating and poorly suited to their style. Whatever your reason for beginning homeschooling, some simple steps can help you prepare
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Homework Tips from Real Moms

Tried and True Tips for Homework Struggles
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5 Super-Easy Tips for Getting Organized for Back to School While Maintaining Your Sanity!

Here we go again. . . those dreaded words that strike fear in the hearts of every calm, summer-filled mama: Back. To. School. You have SO MUCH to do to get your kids ready! Where do you start? Click here to read our super-easy tips for getting back to school with peace and confidence!
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Combat Summer Learning Loss with these 5 Super Cool Apps

The summer slump doesn't have to happen.
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5 Foreign Language Apps for Kids

By Audrey Morris

Better job prospects. More brain power. Academic success.Social and cultural awareness. These are all reasons parents want their children to learn a foreign language. But did you know that only about 25 percent of Americans can converse in a language other than English? Give your children an edge above
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8 Educational Apps Every Kid Should Have

By Laura Carlson

There are countless apps on the market that can engage and educate your children. From learning ABCs and another language to SAT prep and word-building activities that help them describe their emotions in a positive way, your kids can use apps to enhance their cognitive development, improve their motor
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Incentives That May Take Your Child from a B-Student to an A-Student

By Audrey Morris

All parents want their children to live up to their full potential, and grades and schoolwork can be a special area of concern. Parents understand how good grades can open doors in the future, but kids’ brains don’t always think that way! Incentives can encourage kids to pull their grades up, as
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3-Ingredient Packed Lunch Recipes

By Jill Britz

Do your kids bring home sandwiches that have only been nibbled on, fruit that has been half-eaten, or carrots that are still fully-formed? If so, it's time you jazz up their lunchboxes. After all, well-fed kids are happy, learning kids, right? Here are four 3-ingredient lunch recipes that will take your
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