The Ear Unit Study

In this unit study you will learn about the ear. This unit study is written for elementary school aged students. Included are vocabulary words, printables, and activity ideas to do with your student. You will learn a little about the anatomy of the ear and how the ear works. Use our unit study as a guide to help your student learn about the ear.


Suggested Reading:

(These reading materials are not required but just suggestions to add to the unit study.)

Suggested Activities:

  • Discuss the ear. Have your students describe what parts of the ear help with hearing and what parts of the ear help with balance.
  • Play a listening game. Have your students close their eyes and listen to different sounds. See if your students can discover what part of the room the sound is coming from just by listening. Discuss what parts of the ear help you distinguish what location sounds are coming from.
  • Visit a nature center. Listen for different animal sounds. Have your students record the different sounds they hear. Discuss how animals use listening skills to help protect themselves or to find food.
  • Have your students write a story about scary sounds they hear at night or when they are out camping.
  • Have your students draw a diagram of the ear and map out the path that sound waves travel through the ear.
  • Discuss hearing loss and ways that you can protect your ears from hearing loss. Discuss things that can damage your ears or hearing. Have your students write a list of things they can do protect their ears or prevent hearing loss.