Warning Signs of a Learning Disability

Are you concerned that your child might have a learning disability? A learning disability is a condition that effects how your child reads, does math and processes information. Researchers theorize that learning disabilities are caused by malfunctions in the brain. Having a learning disability is a life-long condition; however, receiving early intervention for your child’s learning disability will help. Children who have learning disabilities may need special servicesin school.

Here are some warning signs to look for if you are concerned your child has a learning disability.

Preschool Warning Signs

Children who have problems with speech including pronunciation or learning new words

Problems following simple instructions

Difficulty with rhyming

Difficulty learning the alphabet or learning to count

Problems with gross motor skills such as walking, skipping, running or balancing

Struggles with learning to tie his shoes, button or zipper his clothes, or other self help activities

Difficulty understanding or answering questions

Problems with fine motor skills such as not being able to grasp or manipulate small objects, use scissors, color or paint

Difficulty learning colors, shapes or other concepts

Difficulty staying focused and paying attention

Trouble making friends or interacting with peers

Easily angered or frustrated, may throw temper tantrums

Early Elementary School Warning Signs

Slow at learning how letters and sounds correspond

Difficulty communicating or speaking in complete sentences

Difficulty with reading or spelling

Difficulty learning basic sight words

Struggles with learning to tell time

Poor handwriting

Confuses math signs such as +, -, ¸, x, =

Trouble memorizing math facts such as times tables

Difficulty concentrating or completing work on time

Unable to follow multiple directions

Problems with vocabulary or comprehension such as confusing basic words or using the same word for everything (ex, calling all bread foods a bun, instead of using appropriate distinctions such as muffins, cake, toast, etc)

Slow to learn new skills or only wanting to learn one way to solve a problem

Struggles with organization and self-esteem

If you are concerned that your child has a learning disability you should seek an evaluation. Contact your local school system or your pediatrician for information on having your child evaluated.