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Children with Special Needs


I know this might seem like an off place to put this topic but I figured that maybe you mommies might just have an idea. My DS is 3, 35lbs, 3'2"(or so) and has autism, SID, expressive-receptive language delays, global developmental delays and so on. He can walk, run, climb all just fine. He is however getting a bit too big for me to be able to carry him longer than 10 minutes. I'm not very big myself, 5'1", 116lbs. I want to find a stroller to use that will be able to "grow with him" a bit seein...

JustMommies Welcome Center

hello from the Mid-Hudson Valley

Hi - I'm new to the group and glad to have joined. I have 2 kids - both adopted from Russia, one with significant special needs discovered post-adoption....

Learning Disabilities and Special Education

CALIF: AB 3632 Parent Support Letter

I am a special education advocate in Southern California. I have written a sample letter, and am encouraging affected parties to send it, or their own letters, to three specific legislators before the end of this year. Please feel free to cross post. Thank you! SAMPLE LETTER *Areas for personalization are highlighted. If you have questions regarding the text of this sample letter or the current situation regarding AB 3632 services, you may contact Gwen Campbell, Special Education Advocate,...

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4 Things Parents of an ADHD Child Want You to Know

Do you really know what a child with ADHD and his parents are going through?
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Study Finds Autistic Children Have Wider Eyes and Distinct Facial Features

By JustMommies staff

According to a report from MSNBC, a new study by the University of Missouri suggests that children with autism may have wider eyes and distinct facial features. By analyzing 3-D images of children with autism and comparing them with images of children without the disorder, researchers discovered some
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A Parent's Guide to the IEP

By JustMommies staff

What is an IEP? An IEP is an individualized education program for children who receive special education or special services in the public school system. Each IEP must be written for one student and be a custom plan describing his or her educational goals, services provided, modifications to curriculum
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Warning Signs of a Learning Disability

By JustMommies staff

Are you concerned that your child might have a learning disability? A learning disability is a condition that effects how your child reads, does math and processes information. Researchers theorize that learning disabilities are caused by malfunctions in the brain. Having a learning disability is a life-long
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Reversing Letters: Is This Dyslexia?

By JustMommies staff

Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability that results in people having a hard time with reading, writing and spelling. It is not a function of lack of intelligence or ability to learn. Letter reversal in writing can be one symptom of dyslexia, but this does not mean that every child who reverses
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What Can You Do If Your Child Has Trouble Reading?

By JustMommies staff

By Nancy Da Silva Your child dreads reading time at school and runs screaming in the opposite direction if you suggest sitting down and reading a story together. If your child is well past the age where he should be adept at reading and yet still has great difficulty, what could be the reason? More importantly,
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