Signs of a Multiple Pregnancy

So you think you might be having multiples? Is your belly growing faster than you think it should be? Do you have a family history of twins? Or do you just have a funny feeling that twins are in your future? Below is a list of signs/symptoms of a mutliple pregnancy.

Multiple Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Fundal height greater than expected for the length of gestation
  • Hearing of two or more heartbeats that differ by at least 10 beats per minute
  • Elevated alpha-feto protein levels
  • Hcg levels
  • Severe morning sickness
  • Visualization on ultrasound of more than one gestational sac

Currently, the occurence of twins in the United States is about 1 in 45 or about 2%. Certain factors can increase your chances of twins.

Risk Factors for Multiple Pregnancy

  • African American
  • Increased age - the older you are the greater your risk for having multiples.
  • Number of previous pregnancies - the more times you have been pregnant the greater your risk for having multiples
  • Being tall and heavier increases your risk of having multiples
  • Certain fertility medications can increase your risk for having multiples
  • A family history of fraternal twins increases your risk of having fraternal twins - identical twins are not believed to be hereditary

You may have all the risk factors and many of the symptoms of a multiple pregancy and not be pregnant with multiples. The way to know for sure is by an ultrasound. If you're concerned about having twins (or more), consult your health care provider for further information.