Baby Personality Quiz

Would you like to know what your baby will be when he or she grows up? Do you want to know what her personality is going to be like? Take our baby personality quiz to find out what your baby has in store.

Is baby a boy or a girl?

1. My baby is fussiest.

in the morning.
in the afternoon.
in the evening.
in the middle of the night.
all day long.

2. When my baby falls asleep in my arms and I go to put her down, s/he.

wakes up and wants to play.
stays asleep sometimes and other times wakes right back up.
usually stays asleep.
wakes right up and starts screaming.
stays in my arms and we fall asleep together.

3. Which best describes your baby when it comes to being held by strangers?

S/he likes to be held by anyone.
S/he likes most people but cries if a stranger tries to hold him/her.
S/he doesn't like new people right away but s/he eventually warms up to them.
S/he only likes certain people to hold him/her.
S/he is a mama's girl and doesn't like anyone else to hold him/her.

4. When it comes to bath time, my baby.

loves to take a bath.
likes the bath for a little while but quickly gets bored of it.
likes the bath sometimes and sometimes s/he doesn't.
likes baths but is very picky about the temperature.
hates taking baths.

5. When it comes to bedtime, my baby.

goes to sleep early all by him/herself.
goes to sleep early if I rock him/her or comfort him/her to sleep.
goes to sleep late but all by him/herself.
goes to sleep but only if s/he can sleep with mom.
I am lucky if s/he goes to sleep at all.

6. When it comes to your baby's temper, how often does s/he get mad?

Rarely, s/he is a pretty easy going baby.
Once in a while s/he gets mad but s/he settles down easily.
S/he doesn't get mad that often but when s/he does s/he is hard to settle down .
S/he gets angry frequently but s/he isn't hard to comfort.
S/he gets angry frequently and is very difficult to console.

7. When my baby gets a new toy, s/he .

Looks at it and notices all the colors and textures.
Looks at it for a second then throws it to the ground and goes to something else.
Immediately puts it in his/her mouth.
Picks it up and starts banging mom over the head with it.
Drops it on the ground and plays a game of go fetch with mom.

8. If I am in a room and leave my baby to take a shower or cook dinner, my baby will .

Look around the room and entertain him/herself.
Go to sleep.
Cry for a little while but then settle down.
Cry until /he exhausts him/herself to sleep.
Cry until mom stops what s/he is doing to hold him/her.

9. If my baby is hungry, s/he will .

Start crying but a little pat on the back will comfort him/her.
Cry and suck on his/her hands feverishly.
Scream, cry and turn red until s/he gets fed.
Wait patiently till s/he is fed.
Suck on his/her hands.

10. What position does your baby like best?

on his/her back.
on his/her side.
on his/her tummy.
sitting upright or propped up.
s /he doesn't really have a preference.

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