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Mommy Weightloss and Fitness

Infused water?

Do you make it? What's your favorite?...

Mommy Weightloss and Fitness

Transformation Tuesday

Is that a thing? It is now! LOL! How has improving your health transformed you?...

Mommy Weightloss and Fitness

Weekly Goals September 29 to October 5

If anyone is on the wrong level please comment here. It's been awhile since we have had goals so l...

Christian Parenting

What do you think about Christian Schooling?

Hello! I'm new to this part of JustMommies ((: (I've been on these boards before but I can't get int...

Spiritual Living

Check in time

Where is everyone? Please check in and give us an update about your life. Leslie...

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15 Things Women Swore They Would Never Do… Until They Became a Mom

As a child, there was probably something your parents did or said that you always promised yourself you would never do.

Moms and Internet Addiction

While your kids eat lunch, you’re checking your email. You let them watch TV so that you can chat on your favorite message boards. When everyone else goes to bed, you’re checking your Twitter account to see if you have any new followers. Does any of this sound familiar? » Read more

Can You Afford to be a Stay at Home Mom?

Deciding whether or not you can stay at home after you have a baby can be a big decision. Emotions play a big factor, especially after holding your precious newborn for the first time. It's hard to imagine leaving this tiny little thing with a stranger. » Read more

When Moms Get Angry - Anger management tips for moms

Most moms have had moments where they said things they wish they hadn't or lost their cool with their kids. When the crayons end up on the walls or the shoes magically disappear, it is easy to respond in anger. Being a mom is a tough job and even the best moms have their "bad days". » Read more

The Super Mom Syndrome-Are You A Super Mom?

The Super Mom Syndrome has evolved over the past few decades and is now becoming a real issue for many women. Years ago, mothers on TV were portrayed in only one role... that of Super Mom. You know the shows, Father Knows Best, Ozzie and Harriet, Leave It To Beaver, The Donna Reed Show, and the list goes one. Each of these mothers could and did do everything... » Read more

5 Ways to Zap "Mommy Guilt"

by Lori Radun » Read more

The Realistic & Amazing Bodies of Mothers During Pregnancy & Postpartum


Every mother who has grown a baby and given birth knows what an absolute miracle it is that a woman's » Read more

How to Get More 'Me-Time' and/or Time Together as a Couple


Is the notion of summer love a distant memory now that you have kids and you and your partner get no alone time? » Read more

Microsoft Office 365 Simplifies Life for Busy Moms

By sponsored by Microsoft Office

Brought to you by Microsoft Office » Read more

GroupMe: A Simple, Safe Way to Communicate with Your Friends and Loved Ones (Sponsored)

By Sponsored by GroupMe

Keeping in touch with family, friends, coworkers, other class parents and all the groups in your family's life can get a little overwhelming. And sometimes you don't want the discussions and photos posted all over social media. » Read more