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Moms of Toddlers

Lower back pain :(

Hello, dear mommys! I am Kelly, mommy of two (Mary 5 and Kyle 3). Nowadays I am experiencing an in...

Moms of Toddlers

HELP with 2.5 year old

My 2.5 year old son used to not have aversion to the people he sees often such as his aunts and gran...

Moms of Toddlers

How to keep a toddler or infant amused when it's too cold?

We do the reading thing (a question I asked for which askme was awesome) but how many of her favori...

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DIY Toys & Games You Can Make Using Household Items

By Inhabitots

Earth Day has come and gone, but why not turn the 24 hour global celebration into a long-lasting commitment to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle? One simple way to help preserve the planet is to make your own toys for your kiddos to enjoy.
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Egg Carton Caterpillar

This simple caterpillar craft is crawling with creativity and is sure to bring fun for your toddler or preschooler as they transform a regular egg carton into this fuzzy friend.
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Toddler Crafts from Around the House

Toddlers are naturally creative. They will explore, build, color, dump, or spray just about anything to see what happens next. It’s fun to watch them discover – but it can also be frustrating for the person who has to clean up the mess.
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