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Due Date Club of October 2014

Any Easter Plans?

My youngest will be 2 tomorrow so we are having a party and grilling out. I am also planning on a bi...

Due Date Club of October 2014

Saw my midwife on Thursday

I completely forgot to post about my most recent midwife visit. There was nothing too special excep...

Due Date Club of October 2014

My sister in OB nursing

So my sister is doing OB Nursing right now. I can't even talk to her. She keeps talking to me abo...

Due Date Club of October 2014

I thought this phase was OVER!

So, since going through 2 full months of constant nausea, even after it went away my gag reflex had...

Due Date Club of November 2014

Reveal Photos!

I had some of you ask that I share my reveal photos so here you go :) The weather wasn't cooperating...

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Signs of Postpartum Depression

Irritability, tearfulness, and mood swings are very common after giving birth. Up to 80% of women experience some form of the “baby blues” postpartum. While the baby blues are common they should resolve within a week or two. Prolonged depression is not so common and may be a sign that you are suffering from postpartum depression.