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Teens and Sexting: What Parents Need to Know

By Audrey Morris

Teens and texting are two things that go together. Perhaps you have even researched or purchased an unlimited text plan to avoid overage costs on your phone bill. But do you know who your teen is texting? And, just as importantly, do you know what your teen is texting? » Read more

Domestic Violence and Girls - What Should You Teach Your Daughter?

Many parents never talk to their daughters about domestic violence and partner abuse.  Why not? » Read more

Talking to Your Teen about Birth Control

By Audrey Morris

Many parents worry about having the talk with their teens-the talk about birth control. Whether you have sons or daughters, this is a conversation that needs to happen, and it needs to happen before they get "swept up in the moment." Do not believe your child if they claim to know it all-what they know is probably rumors they have heard from friends. » Read more

Teen Romance: How Young Is Too Young?

When it comes to teenage love, how do you know if your child is too young for a relationship? Stay in tune with what’s happening in your teen’s life, and be ready to give guidance and emotional support. Start by taking a look at the big picture. » Read more

Talking About Sex with Your Tweens and Teens

Having “The Talk” about sex with your kids is something most parents approach with a combination of nervousness and dread. You don’t want to confuse your kids or embarrass yourself by talking about too much too soon, but don’t want to miss an opportunity to educate them either. So how do you figure out what information to give them, and when? » Read more