Body Issues and Self Esteem

Depression in Teens: What to Watch For

By Morningside Recovery

The teenage mind can be a hard thing to figure out—even teens themselves may not always understand why they react the way they do. Between out-of-control hormones and a brain that's still forming its emotional circuitry, life's highs can seem especially exciting and its lows can seem downright dismal. » Read more

Mommy does this make me look fat?

By Jan Fulcher, My Life Compass Home Expert

Parenting language that promotes healthy body images. » Read more

Prep Your Kids for Puberty

By Alicia Purdy

Talking to kids about puberty isn't easy for most parents. Puberty involves a lot of highly personal information and sometimes it can be embarrassing - for parents and kids alike. However, you're not doing your kids any favors by waiting too long to talk to them about the changes that come with puberty, or by avoiding the subject. » Read more

How to Talk to Your Daughter about Her Period

By Alicia Purdy

Talking to your daughter about her period can be a great bonding experience as you show her the ropes of becoming a woman. However, for many women, it can be awkward or embarrassing. If you don't know exactly how to explain things, the conversation can be more awkward. » Read more

Looking Good: Body Dysmorphic Disorder in Kids

By Alicia Purdy

Is there anything more heartbreaking than learning that your child, whom you love so deeply, doesn't like herself? As a parent, your biggest hope is that your children will be happy and healthy. When you realize they're not, you'd do anything to help. It's not always easy to help your children when they are struggling, especially with something as fundamental as their physical appearance. » Read more

Factors That Can Lead to Early Puberty (Precocious Puberty)

Watching our children mature and grow can be bittersweet-we love to see the people they are becoming, but also miss the sweet little kids they once were. If your young child begins to show those first physical signs of puberty at a very young age, it can be frightening and worrisome. But how young is too young? » Read more

Does my teen have an eating disorder?

Eating disorders often develop in adolescence. Many teens are trying to have the perfect body or have an unrealistic perspective of how they look. Eating disorders may start as a diet or often young girls are fascinated with the idea of being anorexic. Anorexia is glamorized in the media. Teen girls may become intrigued by the idea of could they do it. Could they get that thin? » Read more

Ask The Parent Coach: Pre-Adolescent Daughter's Angst

By Jan Roberts, Parent Educator and Coach

Dear Parent Coach, I have a 13 year old daughter and we have 50/50 with her father who is no support for me.  She's angry and her father fuels it.  How can I deal with this?  Any support classes?  I need help! Signed, Carolina   Dear Carolina,  » Read more

"Mom, Am I Fat?"

By Abigail H. Natenshon MA, LCSW,

Conversations That Could Save Your Child's Life » Read more

Parental Influence Takes Precedence Over Barbie and the Media

By Abigail Natenshon, MA LCSW, GCFP

Walk down the corridor of any junior high or high school today, and you are bound to see clusters of stick-thin youngsters “sprayed” into skin-tight clothing, some showing the skin of a pancake-flat belly; their shoes elevate them high off the ground in an effort to accentuate the very long, very lean look. » Read more