New Babies Affect Daddies' Sex Drive Too

By JustMommies

According to a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, moms are not the only ones struggling with low sex drive after childbirth. Live Science reports that dads are also affected by the birth of a new baby in much the same way as moms. » Read more

How to Swaddle a Baby

Swaddling a baby is a beneficial technique that moms have been using for centuries. It helps to keep the baby warm for the first few days of her life, and it also has a calming effect.
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How to Trim Baby's Nails

Trying to figure out the easiest way to trim your baby’s nails? Many moms worry about how to cut baby’s nails. It is difficult to trim the nails of a squirmy little guy or gal. Your baby’s nails grow really fast and if left untrimmed, she may scratch her adorable little face (or yours) and you don’t want that to happen. So what’s a mom to do? » Read more

Bathing Your Baby

What baby doesn't smell good with a little baby soap and lotion? Moms usually look forward to bathing their new baby. Bathing your baby for the first time can however be a little scary for some new mothers. With their delicate skin and fragile body, mothers may worry about baby slipping or falling out of their hands. » Read more

Coping When Your Newborn Fails to Thrive

You're radiant with joy, expecting a baby-and anticipation grows along with your pregnancy bump! » Read more

New Baby Checklist: Everything You Need for a New Baby

The “big day” is coming—your precious child is about to enter this world. Do you have your rubber duckies in a row for your newborn's arrival? Before you go shopping, take a few moments to consider what really needs to be on your checklist for tending to a new baby. » Read more

How to Prepare Your Child To Be A Big Sister Or Brother from Inhabitots

By Inhabitots

If your little one is used to being your one and only, it will require some tender loving care to prepare your son or daughter to be a big brother or sister. » Read more

Top Tips on Preparing for Baby's Arrival and Homecoming from Inhabitots

By Inhabitots

Pregnancy probably lasts so long because there are so many things to prepare to welcome your baby into the world. Get a jumpstart on planning your maternity leave. » Read more

Your Baby Has Arrived! Now What?

You are practically an expert on pregnancy now, right? You've studied up for months, reading all the books on everything that you need to know about when you are expecting a baby. Once your newborn arrives, a funny thing happens on the way home from the hospital. » Read more

Baby Basics 101: Caring for a Newborn

Caring for a newborn has its ups and downs, and everyone who has done it before you seems to have an "expert" opinion on how you should do things. Some general advice may be helpful, but in many cases people don't take into account the fact that every baby (and every mother) is different. What works for someone else might not work for you and your baby. » Read more