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DD's feet are SERIOUSLY stinky!

I’ve been noticing that DD's feet have been very, very stinky lately. PU! I mean seriously, P. U.!...

Pumping Mommies

First week back at work

This is my first week back at work after maternity leave, and I'm back in the pumping routine. I've...

Pumping Mommies

What is a good amount?

Hey Momma's! I am new to this breastfeeding thing. I have two children, but my first I formula fed...

Cloth Diapering

Anyone heard from ypperin?

I am still waiting for a diaper that I paid for from her over a month ago... and she is in Canada li...

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Eco-Friendly, Design Minded Books That Babies & Toddlers Will Love from Inhabitots

By Inhabitots

Big kids will soon be heading back to school, but they're not the only ones who will benefit from hitting the books. Babies and toddlers can start developing a love of reading from the moment their eyes can focus on a page.
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Why Tummy Time is so Important from a Physical Therapist's Perspective

By Robin Tacchetti, creator and owner of the Biddy Belly

So we all have heard, "back to sleep, tummy to play," but is that really happening?  We know that sleeping on the back is the best position for babies to reduce the risk of SIDS, however, babies tend to not get enough playtime on their bellies.   This supervised playtime also known as 'tummy time' is very important for gross motor and cognitive development. 
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Six Reasons to Read Out Loud to Your Baby

Do babies need books? Newborns can’t follow a plotline, understand character development or even focus on pictures well. Is there a point in reading to your baby? Studies show a resounding ‘Yes’! Just as lullabies offer a soothing connection and comfort for infants, so can the regular habit of reading to your little one. Here are six reasons you should be cracking open the books from day one. Not sponsored content
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Baby Horoscopes

Curious about your baby's astrological sign? Want to know what your baby Aries or Leo might be like as a baby, check out JM's baby horoscopes.

Inhabitots on JustMommies: Squeaky Clean and Green Bathtime Fun for Babies And Tots

By Inhabitots

Every parent knows that a child's bath time ritual means more than just getting clean. There's also plenty of fun to be had while soaking in the suds, with well-designed bath toys that are engaging, entertaining and eco-friendly. Here are some of our top picks of non-toxic tub toys that will keep your kiddo happily occupied while you get him squeaky clean.
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Tummy Time Tactics

With all the sleeping your baby does she may not spend enough time on her tummy. You know how important it is for your baby to go to sleep on her back but tummy time is also important. Tummy time helps your baby to strengthen the muscles in her upper body and neck. Not only does tummy time help your baby build muscle strength but, it also helps her developing brain.
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Choosing Toys for Babies

By Elizabeth Pantley, author of Gentle Baby Care
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Baby Signing (The Fun of Teaching Your Baby to Sign)

What is baby signing? Baby signing is using gestures or signs to communicate with your baby. Many moms use American or British Sign Language when teaching their babies to sign but it is perfectly okay to create your own signs. The purpose of baby signing is to communicate with your baby.
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Baby Games: Fun Games to Play with Your Baby

Playing with your baby will not only help her with her social development but playing games is also a great way for your baby to learn. While you play, your baby will be working on her speech and language development, hand eye coordination, and improving her muscle tone. Here are a few of the classic games you can play with your baby.
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Baby Activities: 5 activities that stimulate your baby’s vision

From the time your baby is born, his vision is maturing and developing. His vision is only partially developed at birth. He can see, but what he sees is not as clear or complete as an adult’s vision. His retina, which helps distinguish color and light, is not fully developed. This is why you might have heard that newborn babies see in black and white.
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