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Moms of Infants

3 1/2 month old not sleeping through the night

Ok moms, I think I am one of the most cursed mothers out there. I had my 2nd baby April 27th and he is still not sleeping through the night. Im lucky if I get a 5 hour stretch once a week. My first son didnt sleep through the night until he was 5 months old, but I dont know how much more exhaustion I can handle with working full time and taking care of the kids and the house. We have him on a routine where he gets a bath every night, in his crib by 8:30 at the latest, but he is always wak...

Moms of Infants

Sleep Regression in 9 month old...HELP

My Son Jayden is gonna be 9 months old in 9 days. Hes usually a awesome night time sleeper. He'll sleep 11-12 hours a night waking up once around 4 or 5 and sleeping for another 4 hours and goes to bed at 830Pm every night. Hes had the same night time routine since he was 4 months old. Bath at 730. Night time bottle. Medicine. Hangs out in his bouncer with Dad watching tv while I wash bottles. Then I bounce him to sleep. He'd get up once to eat at 4 or 5am. Then he'd sleep till 730-8. He gets re...

Moms of Infants

Mattress and Crib Size problem (pics included)!

Hello there! Me and my husband are very excited for the baby and we just have assembled her crib!:inlove: But we are a little bit concerned about the proper mattress size of the crib. We ordered both the crib and the mattress online and when they came up, we noticed that there is a little gap between the mattress and the crib's edges ( around 1 inch on one side and 1 and half inches on the front side). Attached are pictures of the mattress. Do you think this gap is safe for our baby? should ...

Moms of Gradeschoolers

7 year old daughter refuses to sleep alone

Hello I'm new to these boards and looking for some advice on an issue that has been ongoing for 6+ months. My daughter is 7 and getting her to sleep alone in her bedroom, all night has been a real challenge. She is scared of monsters. We do not let her watch scary movies but the smallest most ridiculous thing winds up in her head and she scares herself. Even Scooby Doo cartoons now scare her and over at a friends house they watched the Adams Family show...well now she is scared of that. She has ...

JustMommies Welcome Center

ADHD Children and Sleep Issues

Hi everyone. I'm a mom of two children with ADHD, and I'm helping some scientists on a project with the University of Maryland, evaluating the role and impact of sleep problems in children diagnosed with ADHD. I have read many comments and posts regarding this concern. I would like to speak with any parents who would be interested in sharing their experiences. Thank you. Linda...

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Baby Sleep Training: Cry It Out Methods

Even a few tears are worth it for your child to get the rest that they need. Sleep training is hard but rewarding.
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Wonderful Sounds for Sleep

By Elizabeth Pantley

The environment that your baby enjoyed for nine long months in the womb was not one of absolute quiet. There was a constant symphony of sound -- your heartbeat and fluids rushing in and out of the placenta. (Remember those sounds from when you listened to your baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler stethoscope?)
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When Your Baby Learns to Climb Out of the Crib

All babies have different temperaments, and no place is this more evident than in the crib. Some babies are content to sing, play, or sleep for hours in the crib; others see the highest crib bar as yet another challenge to overcome. If they’re truly interested in climbing out, some toddlers will try
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What Really Keeps New Parents from Sleeping

By Anh Vazquez

As if the new nocturnal feedings weren’t enough to keep them from out of REM state, new parents have a host of other concerns on their minds. A recent survey released by Little Grad, the Saving for College company revealed how varying scary thoughts affect parents. The survey asked parents to rank
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No Sleep ‘Till Kindergarten: Helping Your Baby Get Their Zzz’s

With some practice, you will learn how to help your baby become a great sleeper.
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Early Bedtime Means Better Baby Sleep

It's hard to make the effort, but getting to bed early can pay off!
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Getting Baby to Sleep in the Crib

The transition to sleeping in the crib can be tough, but here are some ways to make it smoother.
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Making a Bedtime Ritual

The more routine the evening, the more consistent the dreamland journey can be.
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Solving Naptime Problems

By Elizabeth Pantley

Napping is an important element of your child’s healthy mental and physical growth. A daily nap refreshes a child so that she can maintain her energy, focus, and ability to learn for the rest of the day. Some studies even show that children who nap every day are more flexible and adaptable, have longer
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