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Monster-in-law No More: How to Build Respectful Relationships with Inlaws and Grandparents

In-laws and your parents often have competing wants for time with your kids, which can be tricky to manage.
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7 Ways for Couples to Handle the Stress of Parenthood--Together

By Jill Britz

Parenting can put a lot of wear and tear on a marriage. But is it inevitable? Is high stress just the way life is until the empty nest?
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Are You a Married Single Mom?

By JustMommies staff

If you have kids you know how hard the job of mothering is. Even though married moms have a spouse to help them with household chores, parenting, and managing the home, they still may feel as overwhelmed as moms who don’t have a partner. This situation, where women feel like they are stuck doing
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How to Choose the Right Pet for Your Kids

By Laura Carlson

"Please mom, can I have a puppy… all my friends have them." Have you heard such pleas? It's almost like a rite of passage in childhood-it seems that nearly every kid asks for a pet sooner or later. But figuring out if your family should get a pet, and, if so, what kind of pet you should choose for
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Date Night for Busy Parents

Do you have younger kids? Remember what it was like to have a date night? If you're one of those parents who feels like you live and breathe by the schedule of your kids, you're not alone. Parents are often so busy scheduling the lives of their kids, they forget to take time out for themselves. That
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What Does it Take to Raise Happy Children?

It's one of the biggest questions that parents can ask, and the answer matters!
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Fight the Pressure to Over-schedule: 10 Tips to Take Back Your Family

By Susan Newman

From early morning to late evening most families buzz with non-stop activity that shifts into overdrive during the school year. Once school gets underway—and before—extra curricular sign up sheets abound, and the impulse to engage your children in multiple endeavors becomes hard to resist. Why hyper-scheduled
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Friend or Parent: Striking the right balance

By JustMommies staff

One of the questions I hear from time to time is how to determine when a mom needs to be an authority figure for her kids, and when she can be a friend. Does she have to be one or the other? Let’s look at each side of the equation. The case for being an authority figure for your kids: Often, someone
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The Power of Choice

Allowing children to choose themselves can be a great life lesson.
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What Triggers Your Anger?

If you can identify where your anger comes from, it can be easier to understand.
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