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Five Stellar Camping Activities Your Kids will Love

By Laura Leavitt

You're camping with the family, having an amazing time, but what do you do when attitudes tank, the rain comes, or your teenager is pining for home? We've pulled together five simple kid activities to have on hand to save any vacation snafu.
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Five Great Family Vacation Destinations

By Laura Leavitt

Across the country, there are so many options for showing your family a great time.
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Quick and Dirty Tips for Choosing the Best Summer Camp

By Laura Leavitt

With so many options, you need a way to narrow down what you are looking for!
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Top 7 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

By Margaret Wong

As a mom of a one-year-old and a founder of Enrout, a revolutionary alternative lodging search engine, I pretty much live and breathe baby travel everyday! Here are my top seven tips for traveling with a baby: 1) Consider renting a home or apartment that comes with amenities like a crib, play yard, high
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Top 10 Kid-Friendly Disneyworld Vacation Rentals

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Disneyworld Vacation Rentals by Margaret Wong,
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Best "Free" Family Vacations

By Laura Leavitt

Many cities contain exciting, free attractions for the whole family.
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