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Get Your Child to Stop Swearing

By Audrey Morris

Are your kids swearing? Strategies to improve their language!
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How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

By Jill Britz

Yelling feels awful. You even resolved to do less of it this year. But these kids! Is there any hope for change?
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10 Screen Time Reduction Tips for Kids

By Jill Britz

Your kids are on their devices more than you'd like to admit. But that doesn't have to be the end of the story.
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9 Ways Families Can Help During Natural Disasters

We all want our kids to be the brightest, smartest, strongest. But what about the most compassionate? Is that on your radar? Should it be? We think so, & we have ideas to help.
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Teaching Kids About Consent

Bodily consent has been a hot topic in the news—how can parents teach kids to respect consent?
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How to Make Changes in Your Parenting Style

Maybe you are one of the lucky parents who have found a parenting style that works well for you and your kids. More likely though, you are like the rest of us who have to make changes to our parenting style now and then.
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Decoding the Dress Code Controversy

By Laura Leavitt

The difference between freedom to dress as you like and different levels of dress code can impact your child.
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9 Ways to Liven up Your Summer

By Laura Leavitt

These summer days and nights don't last, so get back to the simple fun this summer.
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The Top 7 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids - and Why

By Laura Carlson

Oh, the joy of telling harmless “white lies” to your children. These delightful near-truths range from those that carry on the bliss of holiday traditions to others that happily curb bad behavior. Most parents contend that it's not lying, per say; rather, they are putting off (or bending) the truth
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How to Deal with a Child That Lies

By JustMommies staff

One of the common issues that parents experience is dealing with a child that lies. Sometimes it happens gradually over time (little white lies), sometimes suddenly out of nowhere the child is lying about everything under the sun. If you allow a child to continue a pattern of telling lies, it can become
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