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Cheaters and Spoiled Sports: Teaching Your Kids to Play Fair and Have Fun

By Laura Leavitt

Getting accustomed to losing sometimes is a good plan.
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Anorexia Athletica: Is Your Teen Exercising Too Much?

By Alicia Purdy

Having a son or daughter who is an athlete is a dream for some parents. But whether it is ballet, football, track and field, gymnastics, baseball, basketball or soccer, their children have to train hard if they want to be the best. Training requires getting the body in physical shape, and that means
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Parenting and Media: Keep Kids Healthy with Engaging Fitness Apps

By Laura Leavitt

Apps can help make exercise feel like a game.
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How to Get Your Couch Potato Off the Couch

By Laura Leavitt

Sometimes, kids get into a rut just like the rest of us.
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Youth Sports Nutrition Tips

By Paula Schmitt

One of the most common questions parents ask regarding their child’s nutrition during sports is - what is the healthiest thing for my child to eat and drink before playing sports? With our family of athletes, we have learned that offering high – carbohydrate foods (also called complex carbohydrates)
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