Friends and Socializing

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Quick & Dirty Tips for Choosing the Best Summer Camp

By Laura Carlson

Summertime, and the pickin’ is easy—for a summer camp, that is. Whether you’re looking for a camp where your child can enjoy outdoor adventure, or one where he or she can play rock ‘n roll music, pickin’ the right one should be stress-free. Yet, many parents are puzzled about which summer camps
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Physical Symptoms of Bullying

By JustMommies staff

We all know what a bully is? And as parents we worry about our children being bullied. Bullying not only has effects on children's mental well-being, it can also cause physical symptoms. If you've noticed a change in your child's mood or behavior or suspect that he might be being bullied, the first thing
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Which Social Media Are Most Popular with Kids and Are They Healthy?

By JustMommies staff

Do you know how popular Facebook or other social networking sites are among school-age kids? Consider these surprising statistics: More than 1 billion registered users are on Facebook, with 11 percent aged 13 – 17, and 29 percent aged 18 - 29. Sites like Google Plus and Tumblr are emerging from the
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Social Challenges in Grade School: How You Can Help

Your child overcomes many hurdles during grade school in learning to make friends.
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Do Electronics Prevent Your Child from Learning Real Social Skills?

Is socializing via video games a problem? Let's think it through.
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Mean Girls: How to Help Your Daughter Cope

Girls can get very cruel, but a confident girl can stand up to them.
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10 Warning Signs that Your Child is Being Bullied

Keeping an eye out can help you end bullying as soon as possible.
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Shy Kids: How to Help Kids Make Friends

By Armin Brott

Dear Mr. Dad: Our daughter is very shy and seems to have very few friends. My wife and I worry that there’s something wrong with her and we want to help her make more friends. What can we do? A: There’s no magic number of friends a child should have and your child’s temperament will play a major
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The Popularity Game: Teaching Kids How To Cope

By JustMommies staff

By Sally Sacks As a mother and a professional therapist, my heart has been broken many times listening to the tales of life in the fast lane of 5th and 6th grade girls. I have likened the experiences to that of prisoners trying to get through their day unharmed, by knowing the right
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