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Six Reasons to Skip the Sippy Cup

They share the store shelf with other baby essentials and transitional gear, but do sippy cups potentially cause more difficulties than advantages? Invented in the 1980’s, the sippy cup quickly became the next “how did we live without it” item for parents of babies and toddlers. Nevertheless, is
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Nipple Confusion

The first few weeks and months can be a frustrating time for feeding.
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Bottle-Feeding Basics (Sponsored)

By Sponsored by Playtex

When it comes to bottle-feeding, it's all about the nipple. Starting your baby on a bottle can be baffling. Luckily, here are a few tips that will help your newborn begin feeding like a pro. Warm the formula/breastmilk - never microwave! Microwaves kill nutrients in the formula or breastmilk. Introduce
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Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Here are some simple wholesome ways to start your baby eating great solid food.
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Top Tips On Transitioning Baby To Solid Foods from Inhabitots

By Inhabitots

Making homemade baby food needn't be a daunting, time-consuming endeavor. We all know that serving our little ones fresh, organic foods is the healthiest way to dine, but fire up those blenders because now there's more reason than ever to say 'yay' to homemade purees. Recent research indicates that many
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Non-Toxic, BPA-Free Feeding Gear for Babies & Toddlers from Inhabitots

By Inhabitots

Hardly a day goes by when we don't hear about the harmful effects of BPA. The good news for concerned parents is many companies have created BPA-free feeding gear for babies and toddlers from anthropomorphic baby bottles to cute, animal-shaped stainless steel cutlery. For bottle-feeding, you can banish
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How Much Formula Does My Baby Need?

Use our tips and your baby's signals to make sure you are giving him or her enough formula!
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When Can Babies Drink Juice?

A cute bottle of juice is better for your baby if you wait till the appropriate age.
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Baby's First Foods Chart

By JustMommies staff

There is some debate about when babies should start solid foods. Even within the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) there is a difference of opinion. The AAP’s Committee on Nutrition recommends starting solids sometime between 4 and 6 months. However, the AAP’s Breastfeeding Policy Statement
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The Basics of Introducing Solid Foods

When? About six months old. Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended prior to six months. An iron-fortified, infant formula feeding is considered the only adequate substitute to breastfeeding by the American Academy of Pediatrics. How? Go slowly! There is no need to rush. Use the "One at a time" method
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