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6 Common Car Seat Mistakes Parents Can Make

By Laura Leavitt

Pay attention to all the information about car seats to keep your child safe and secure.
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Guidelines for Keeping Children Safe at Every Stage

By Laura Leavitt

These simple strategies prevent unnecessary accidents at all ages and stages.
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Top Ten Car Seat Tips

By Recaro

Travel safety is important, especially so when young ones are involved. Before you buckle your little one into a car seat, considering the following: Car Seat Tip #1 – Size Matters Size matters. Not all seats are designed for all children (or for all vehicles, for that matter). Make sure that you’re
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Pros and Cons of Extended Rear-Facing Car Seat Use

By Laura Leavitt

As your child grows, the decision to turn the car seat around or not will loom.
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Three Steps for Meeting a Dog: Instructions for Parents

By Laura Leavitt

As kids meet a new dog, some care is wise.
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Baby, Toddler and Child Proofing Your Home - The How-To Guide

By Laura Leavitt

You'll feel more confident with your home well protected for your child.
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Childproofing Your Home

By Laura Leavitt

Kids really can get into everything!
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