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From the Message Boards

Moms of Infants

Crafty Mamas

Do we have any crafty mamas here? What sorts of things do you like to do?...

Arts and Crafts

St. Patrick's Day Kid's Craft Ideas

(a whole list of different ones) (3 leprechaun traps) ...

Arts and Crafts

Party menu pocket tutorial


Arts and Crafts

Decorating onesies

This is my new favorite craft because it's so easy :smile:. Saw a blog that inspired me... They decorate a onesie to look like the kid is wearing a formal tie. Lol! Wish I had thought of these before Christmas. Such a cheap & cute gift idea....

Moms of Toddlers

No Mess Paint in a Bag

Hi. I tried painting in ziploc bags with my four 17-month old toddlers. It was a no mess success! If you are looking for a fun activity without the clean-up, try this out. Here is a link to the post I did about it: ...

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