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Beg, Bargain and Bribe

By JustMommies staff

5 Tips for Turning Bad Habits into Effective Parenting Raising a family, with all the joys that come with it, is still a lot of work for most parents. Often parents know what they want to do when it comes to parenting their children but end up falling into bad habits. Bribing, bargaining and begging
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What Children Fear Most These Days

By JustMommies staff

In a media-saturated world, children nowadays worry about things that we didn’t have to – like the state of our precious planet and pollution. LiveScience reported on several studies done recently, which reveal that children are definitely not worry-free and deal with many more ominous issues. In
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Vulture Culture: How we encourage bullying

By Susan Lipkins

Our vulture culture emphasizes a winner/loser mentality that encourages dominance and aggression. Extreme bullying, often using sexual slurs such as "gay, fag, slut and whore," is becoming a common experience for students of all ages, and in particular, for children aged 11-13. Bullying will stop when
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Seven Ways to Protect Your Family from Internet Dangers

By Steve Cross

It’s the Wild West on the Internet, and as a parent you are responsible for keeping your kids safe “out there,” Even though “out there” may be two feet away from your kitchen while you are preparing dinner. Scammers, sexual predators, cyber bullies, and every type of hack are lurking on the
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