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Moms of Infants

Dealing with ttc after tramatic birt, don't want to scare ttc mommy's.

Dh and I are trying to decide when to ttc again. We'd like it to be within the next year. Since we've discussed this I've had horrible nightmares about my last pregnancy with ds#2. I'm on antidepressants but I'm not cooping well with the terror of it happening again. Any advice is welcome. Back story: ds2s pregnancy started with a subcontractor hemorrhage, two very large ovarian cyst, and threatened miscarriage (unexplained bleeding). It lasted till mid 2trimester. Lots of bedrest. I had cont...

JustMommies Welcome Center

New to site:)

Hi I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant and new to the site looking for mommies to chat with and blogs to read from women around same gestational age. This is my 2nd baby my son is 6 and I just feel like everything is different this time.......At my 20 week u/s they found 2 choroid plexus cysts and although the cysts are bow gone and at 30 Weeks the u/s was perfect I still worry all the time. I am almost 36 weeks bow and instead if joy I feel fear most of the time. Looking for insight and kind words and ...

JustMommies Welcome Center

Postpartum Contraception??

I struggled to decide which method of contraception to use after my first pregnancy, which compelled me to dedicate my career to helping women make informed decisions about birth control. I'm now working with a team from Dartmouth College to design a simple information sheet for women, including pregnant or postpartum women and mothers to support them in choosing which birth control best suits them. If you are a woman aged 15-45 years who use (or are interested in learning about) contrac...

Women's Health

peeling skin on hands and feet?

I just had my first baby 6 weeks ago. About two weeks ago, I started having bizarre skin problems. My hands and feet are peeling like crazy! My hands have peeled several layers, and are far from done. My fingertips are cracked and raw, and all the normal skin lines on my fingers are extra deep. My hands are super dry. I put good lotions and oils on all the time, but it only helps relieve the dryness for a short time. It might not be pregnancy related, but I thought maybe it is and that I...

In the News

Supermodel uses debut film to push maternal health

(Reuters) - When Christy Turlington Burns began to hemorrhage soon after the birth of her first child six years ago, she didn't think it was such a big deal....

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By Laura Leavitt

Childbirth grief is a real phenomenon.
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Mommy Myths: The Skinny On Postnatal Fitness

By Laura Leavitt

You should make time for the exercise that makes you feel your best.
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Signs of Postpartum Depression

Irritability, tearfulness, and mood swings are very common after giving birth. Up to 80% of women experience
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Low Sex Drive After Childbirth - Losing that Loving Feeling

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There are good reasons if you are feeling a low libido while raising a newborn.
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Paternity Leave

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Taking time to bond with your child is a valuable choice.
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Brooke Burke: How I Got that Pre-Baby Body Back!

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Brooke's exercise tips worked wonders on her body.
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The Baby Blues

By Laura Leavitt

Know the symptoms of postpartum sadness and other related feelings.
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Why Exercise is Important after Baby

By Laura Leavitt

Your body will recover better if you keep active.
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