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Photoshoot Story

I noticed this photo section is kind of dead so I thought I could give us all ...

Due Date Club of July 2018


Anyone getting a preventative cerclage? I am at 13-14 weeks. Praying all goes well and i have no mo...

Moms of Infants

Newbie here

Hi, all! I wanted to introduce myself and my little girl, Anna. We are from Texas and I am a SAHM. ...

**NEW** Due Date Club of September 2018

Appointment yesterday

I had a regular OB appointment yesterday--everything is still right on track! I was ex...

2012 Playroom Birth Stories

Home birth day after Christmas

I posted the story on the home birth board under assisted home birth, ME’s home birth 2012....

Sugar Addicts: 4 Simple Tips to Resist Tempting Cookies, Candies & Chocolate

By Connie Bennett

Is that tantalizing chocolate candy bar over there is calling out to you? Does that decadent dessert in the window beckon you? Is that donut saying, “Eat me!” These are descriptions I often hear from people plagued by sugar addiction. Indeed, folks worldwide often feel that sugary treats are luring
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