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**NEW** Due Date Club of September 2018

September girls!

Yay for a September board! I know there were some of us posting in August. Who's here? I'm Kimberly...

Stay At Home Mommies

Spilling The Beans On How I Just Shopped and Saved Time And Money!

Last year I came to a point where I had to reduce my hours at my fu...

**NEW** Due Date Club of September 2018

Looking for two (2) co-hosts for this board.

A host is a board le...

**NEW** Due Date Club of October 2018

Looking for two (2) co-hosts for this board.

A host is a board le...

Due Date Club of February 2018

I can’t wait until...

So besides the obvious of holding your LO in your arms, what is something you just can’t wait for?...

6 Apps for the Active Mom

By Audrey Morris

Active moms everywhere know about the struggles of keeping a household organized—meetings, practices, appointments, projects, meals, and all the piles of paperwork. Fortunately, there are some great apps out there to help you out with to-dos, group projects, and even fitness and dinner! To-Do Apps
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7 Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

By JustMommies staff

Finding the time for self maintenance can be really challenging when you are running around chasing the children, preparing meals, working and carting the neighborhood kiddies around! Here are some beauty tips for you time-constrained goddesses.1.Water This beauty tip requires no time at all, just a
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Making Friends with Other Moms

By JustMommies staff

Being friends with other moms of like-aged children is one of the best side benefits of having kids. You have someone with whom to commiserate about sleep battles, picky eating, and tantrums. You have someone who can look out for your little one in a pinch. And you have ready-made entertainment for your
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