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Trying to Conceive


Hi Ladies it’s been years since I’ve been on this sight. im just so confused this cycle. ...

Trying to Conceive


What Vitamins are you taking while TTC?...

Am I Pregnant

Does anyone see a FAINT line!?

Please let me know your opinions! I can’t tell if my mind is playing tricks on me!...

2016 Playroom

Warning Chamomile tea

I think I drank this last pg (third trimester) and did not think a thing of it. However I looked it ...

Trying to Conceive

What I have been going through

I figured I would make a thread of what I have been going through with my ttc journey and keep it up...

9 Tips for Easier Labor and Birth

By Laura Leavitt

woman giving birth Here are some strategies to take care of yourself.
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9 Tips for Reducing Pain During Childbirth

By Laura Leavitt

pregnant woman giving birth You have many resources at your disposal.
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"Am I in Labor?" 8 Ways to Tell if Labor Has Started

It is the question on the minds of most women who are pregnant. Carrying a child and giving birth are
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Hypnobirthing – What Is It, and How Can I Do It?

By Laura Leavitt

pregnant moms at childbirth class Hypnobirthing is a way to focus through your birth process.
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Labor and Childbirth Myths

By Laura Leavitt

woman laboring in birth pool There aren't a lot of definite facts about your labor - it is different for many different women.
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Pain Relief during Labor

By Laura Leavitt

pregnant mom in labor There are many options for easing your labor journey.
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Placenta Encapsulation: Instructions, Benefits, and Reasons to Give it a Try

By Patty Malowney

woman giving birth Learn more about placenta encapsulation here.
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Precipitous Labor

By JustMommies staff

“Express delivery” can sometimes take on a new meaning for some expectant moms. If you’re pregnant, are you wondering if your labor will be speedy? Are you curious about whether a quick labor is unusual? Labor is considered “fast” or “precipitous” when it lasts three hours or less, and
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The Lamaze Method of Childbirth

By Laura Leavitt

pregnant women at childbirth class Lamaze is intended to empower women giving birth.
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Top 10 Fears about Childbirth

“You’re expecting me to push what through where?!” Most women have, at one time or another, felt
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