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Arts and Crafts

Watercolor design

Hi to all!I am looking for watercolor graphics, effects etc. Does anyone know a good website where I...

Mommy Weightloss and Fitness

What keeps you from working out?

What are the things (if any) that keep you from working out? And what do you do to overcome them?...

2013 Playroom

Just checking in...

Any lurkers in here? :sneak: I'm still around. I posted back in July that I was expecting #3, but u...

Moms of Girls

Your girls' personalities

What is your little girl like? Girly? Diva? Tom-boy? Rough and tumble? Audrina is so funny. She's...

**NEW** Due Date Club of August 2018

Hi all!

I’m due between July 30th and aug 1st. Hope y’all don’t mind if I hang around here. I have 5 b...

Our Fears and Worries Can Distort the Reality of the Situation

By Stanley Popovich

At times, our worries and anxieties can overwhelm us. In addition, our worries can distort our perception of what is reality and what is not. Here is a brief list of techniques that you can use to help gain a better perspective on things during your anxious moments. When feeling anxious, stop what you
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