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JM Polls and Challenges

Arsenal vs Chelsea Live Stream


Am I Pregnant

What do you all think my chances are???

Hi all! Looking to get some opinions. TTC baby #3.. lmp was 12/18.Had intercourse on 12/28 day 11 an...

Am I Pregnant

Help help help pls

Okay so on Dec 7 I had unprotected Sex. My period was calculated to come ...

JM Polls and Challenges

Free porn could be impacted significantly by net neutrality ruling

Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla ...

Am I Pregnant

5 positive test at home....

Hi everybody! Let me do a quick background: I had my one and only when I was 17....T is now 10. Lon...

4 Ways to Get Your Kids to Do Their Homework

If you think long and hard, it's not too difficult to remember what it was like being the same age as your kids are now, right? Well, then you remember exactly what you wanted to do when you got home from school-nothing. Your kids are no different, except that instead of wanting to play ball, hang out
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Handling Homework

By Patti Teel

Excerpt from The Floppy Sleep Game Book, by Patti Teel Limited amounts of homework in the primary grades may be beneficial; however, it should not be excessive, especially in the lower grades. The amount of homework assigned varies greatly from school to school and from teacher to teacher. As a rule
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Overdoing Homework Help

By Jan Roberts

Parents who take on the job as their children's "homework coach" , often are confused about exactly what this responsibility entails. With homework assignments now coming home with kindergartners as well as upper graders, parents often wonder exactly how involved they should be in helping their children
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