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Trying to Conceive

Anybody remember me?

I wanted to stop in and say hi! Still not pregnant. I'm 36 now and my health is definitely not go...

**NEW** Due Date Club of December 2019

Planning a home birth?

My DH was born at home, but they aren't legal in MD any longer, at least attended ones. Anyone hopi...

**NEW** Due Date Club of December 2019

Did you announce your pregnancy in a special way?

or do you plan to?...

**NEW** Due Date Club of December 2019

Did you save your tests?

I have mine from my almost 8 year old. Did you keep yours?...

Traveling Mommies

Europe: Where to go?

Hey ladies, We are planning a European vacation for Summer 2012. It would be for 7 people (6 adults ...

Listeria and Pregnancy

By Alicia Purdy

Your health is of the utmost importance when you're pregnant. Your body is working overtime to support not only yourself, but also your baby's developing body. It's commonly known that pregnant moms should be very careful about what they eat. Everything from certain seafood to moldy cheeses is off-limits.
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