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From The Message Boards

Due Date Club of February 2018

Anyone get nausea before labor starts?

I read online that may be a thing. I don't have any other signs of labor but I woke up last night fe...

Due Date Club of February 2018

I’ve got a feeling...

I don’t know if it means anything but I woke up SURE that it was somebody’s birthday tonight and...

Due Date Club of February 2018

Anybody else miserable?

I have had contractions ALL day. 3 minutes apart but they are not super bad. They are more braxtonhi...

Due Date Club of February 2018

Had my baby!

Well, I had quite an exciting birth. We are team green, but I was thinking boy #5 over here. I was...

Trying to Conceive

February Two Week Wait

Anyone else in their 2ww over here??? I'm CD19 and 5DPO. :)...

Five Money Issues Couples Must Never Fight Over

By A. B. Jacobs

It’s normal that spouses harbor different opinions on a variety of subjects. The two maroon shirts I occasionally wear—and love—are regarded by my wife as particularly ugly. As she’s kind enough to humor me on this matter, it’s only fitting that I don’t openly criticize the TV melodrama she
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