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JustMommies Welcome Center

Hello JM

Hello, mommies! I am Linda, a 20-something SAHM from Texas. I am excited to be here and I look forw...

**NEW** Due Date Club of September 2018

Check in: morning sickness

How's your morning sickness/nausea going? Who is still struggling?...

**NEW** Due Date Club of September 2018

My NIPT results

In the middle of a busy day of meetings and running around, I got the call with my NIP...

The Venting Room

Cult survivor, scared of losing everything again

Hello, I'm new here. I just signed up because I have nowhere to turn to talk about this. I need advi...

Due Date Club of April 2018

Anyone still here?

Is there still anyone following this group? How are you all doing and how are your pregnancies going...

RSV - respiratory syncytial virus

By JustMommies staff

RSV or respiratory syncytial virus can be a frightening word to the parent of a young child. You may know someone whose child was hospitalized for RSV or maybe you've heard of RSV and are just not quite sure what is and what it can do to your child. Although, RSV is the leading cause of bronchiolitis
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