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Children With ADHD

Advice Needed

Hi my name is Crystal and I has been a while since I've posted. My new 9 yr old has ADHD and is has ...

Fashion and Beauty

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

It depends on where you get it done and how coarse your hair is. I have thick coarse hair and have ...

Traditional Parenting

Any book on parenting?

Can anyone help here?...

Moms of Teens and Preteens

panic attack and recovery

Hi there! about 8 months ago i had a real live panic attack. had a lot happening at the time and i h...

Moms of Teens and Preteens

I want my daughter to be more sociable

Hello. I am from Bulgaria, so excuse my English. I think my daughter is wise beyond her years. She i...

18 Weeks Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Week by Week

By JustMommies staff

boy hugs pregnant mother's belly Approaching your eighteenth week of pregnancy means a whole new list of things to tackle.
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When Your Little One Doesn't Like the New Baby

When you're the parent of a brand new baby, everything changes. The first time around everything was new, but with subsequent kids, life seems to settle into a groove just a little bit quicker-at least for you. Your toddler, however, may not be as enthralled with the new arrival as you are and adjusting
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