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Due Date Club of August 2018

any babies here?

congrats if you had baby...

2011 Playroom

Who is not on our facebook playroom?

Just wondering if everyone is there too? I havent been on here in so long. Wondering if I'm missing...

2011 Playroom

Is it normal for kids to break things intentionally??

I am seriously at my wits end today. My 5 year old DS feels the need to break/destroy EVERYTHING tha...

Due Date Club of September 2018

any early babies?

love to hear how everyone is doing?...

Due Date Club of September 2018


Have you come up with a name yet? For me, that's a no. I feel like I just have a big mental block ...

Having a Child with Down Syndrome

By Rebecca Pillar

Prenatal screening tests are performed during pregnancy to test for fetal abnormalities and birth defects. One of the situations doctors are looking for is ‘markers’ for Down Syndrome. During the 15th-20th week of pregnancy, several screenings are offered to the pregnant woman. The triple screen
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