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**NEW** Due Date Club of July 2018

Fun pregnancy symptoms anyone?

OMG...The burping is out of control these past few days. Holy smokes. Also, nausea majorly set in. O...

**NEW** Due Date Club of July 2018

Hi all! Due July 25th with #5

Hi all, baby #5 due July 25. Excited to be back with Just Mommies. I was a member in the March 2016 ...

**NEW** Due Date Club of July 2018

BFP with baby #3!

Hi everyone! I JUST found out this weekend..due very end of July. This will be my 3rd baby..I have a...

JM Polls and Challenges

Need Gift idea

Hello all, interloper here. I'm trying to find a specific type of gift for a stay at home mom. Thi...

Am I Pregnant

Please help!

Hello ladies and mommies. So I bought a clear blue digital ovulation test... i started testing on th...