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Formula Feeding

HELP! Baby won't eat

My son will be 5 months old at the end of this month when he was born he had a hard time latching on but finally did it continued to be a problem he would only nurse for 3-5 min total and cried all the time. I stopped BF when he was 1 month old because I thought I wasn't making enough. After that we tried several different formulas and he still wasn't very interested in eating and cried like he was in pain all the time, his ped sent us to a GI doctor where he was diagnosed with a milk protein al...

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Sneaky Ways to Sneak Vegetables Into Your Child's Diet

By Laura Leavitt

Veggies are actually easier to make tasty than kids think!
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Snacks and Treats

By Laura Leavitt

Having plenty of healthy snacks available is a great path with small kids.
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Fun with Finger Foods

By Laura Leavitt

Getting to know flavor, texture, and taste is a joy for your toddler.
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Making Snacktime Healthy

By Laura Leavitt

You can start healthy habits when your children are still quite young.
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